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Cairanne Patrimony

Vineyard and Ventoux

Vineyard is everywhere in this gorgeous landscape and takes a major place in the patrimony of Cairanne. On the left, the "mountain" is a dry and poor ground, domain of the holm oak and the scrubland, area of pasture in old days. In the center, hills have been shaped in terrace by man for a very long time. To the right, the plain. This Geologic diversity gives various and famous flavors to Cairanne’s wine. In the background, the mountain of Ventoux and the “dentelles of Montmirail. The poet Pétrarque climbed the mount Ventoux in the XIVe century and described his ascent in a famous letter. In such an environment, he reports the self-discovery and God's magnificence. It’s the responsibility of all of us, tourists and inhabitants of the village to protect this exceptional environment.
Pétrarque (1304-1314) : poet born in Italy and exiled in Avignon. He is famous for his love poems to Laure and for a letter about his ascent of the mont Ventoux.