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Cairanne Heritage

The fountain and the wash house

It is the only drinking water fountain in the old village. It is mentionned in 1414 associated with a land called La Contamine du Pape who belonged to the Roaix Templars in 1202. This fountain was a source of life for many centuries until 1900 when a 40-meter well was dug at the old village entrance. The wash house was already existing in the 18th century because in 1789 the consuls decided to rebuild it with cut stones, since it was completely destroyed. Its design is classic with two juxtaposed basins, one for cleaning, the other for rinsing. According to the tradition, it is a place for discussions and exchanges for the washerwomen of Cairanne. This Heritage was restored in 2020 by the town hall of Cairanne with a financial grant of the Conseil départemental de Vaucluse.

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